Advanced Organic Fertilizer

Great Bay Fertilizer is changing the game when it comes to organic turf management.

Our Product

High Performing

High concentrations of both slow- and fast-release organic nitrogen

Contains a full complement of macro and micronutrients

Fast acting for quick green up


Easy to manage, dry powder

Can be applied dry or spray-applied as a liquid

Can be deployed via irrigation/fertigation equipment


Derived from recycled food

Does not include bio-solids or manures

No access restrictions after application

Safe for the Environment

Quick plant and soil uptake reduces runoff and leaching

Improves soil nutritional value and microbial activity

Requires less irrigation

Designed for Professionals

No offensive odor

No impact to facility operations

Great color and controlled growth

Successfully field tested

Supports disease suppression and stress resistance

Our Story

Great Bay Fertilizer is developing and manufacturing a truly high-performing, organic fertilizer. The result of years of development, our process recycles food waste into our advanced organic fertilizer while creating renewable energy. Through our patent pending, fertilizer manufacturing process, we have created a versatile, dry, quick response, high-performing organic fertilizer. Great Bay Fertilizer – the organic fertilizer you’ve been waiting for!

Great Bay Fertilizer has partnered with Audubon International as a sponsor of their Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary Program for Golf, an award winning education and certification program that helps golf courses protect our environment and preserve the natural heritage of the game of golf.

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Great Bay Fertilizer is a NEO Energy company. NEO Energy develops and will own and operate facilities throughout North America which divert food waste from landfills and recycles it into renewable energy and an organic fertilizer, thereby reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

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