Yellow Wall: See tips for decorating spaces using this vibrant color


Yellow is known as one of the most radiant, engaging and relaxed colors, as it is capable of lighting up any environment and creating essential points of color in different styles of decoration, regardless of whether it is a stronger or lighter tone, and for this reason the color becomes increasingly present in architectural and interior design projects.

Super intense and optimistic, the yellow color is a perfect option for those who want to transform any room in the house in a simple way and, when present on the walls, it also helps to demarcate what should be highlighted in the environment, making it much more cheerful and bright .

According to the architect Camilla Dall’oca, yellow is a warm color that inspires energy and is ideal for living and leisure environments, and can be the decisive point for the creative decoration of a house.

With that in mind, we list below the professional’s tips on how to use color, as well as amazing decor inspirations with yellow walls, which will undoubtedly leave your home with much more life. Check it out and get inspired!

What colors go well with yellow?


According to the architect, there are several colors that can make beautiful combinations with yellow. If the objective is to highlight the color and leave the rest of the decoration balanced, the ideal is to bet on contrasting colors, such as black and white, or more neutral colors, such as gray and woody tones. “White helps to bring out the yellow in a light and cheerful way, while black and gray are responsible for making the environment a little more serious”, he comments.

However, if you have a bolder taste, you can also combine yellow with other bright colors such as orange, pink, pink, purple, red and green. “The most important thing is that regardless of the choice of colors, you must always maintain balance and harmony in the environments of the house”, adds Camilla.

A good way to contrast the yellow color of the wall with other tones is betting on varied furniture or decorative items that do not overload the environment, such as paintings, chairs, tables, pillows, rugs, vases, among others.

Yellow wall in the room


The yellow wall can be a perfect alternative especially for rooms with little sunlight and little natural light, as the color helps to give a greater sense of clarity.

For Camilla, the ideal is that you bet on lighter tones, which are usually more suitable for bedrooms and rest environments. “In addition to the wall, a great idea is also to use yellow in various objects, such as the bed cover, pillows, bedside tables, rug or curtains”, comments the architect.

Yellow wall in the room


One of the most sought after possibilities by people who intend to bring yellow to the living room is to adopt the color for one of the walls and leave its surface as the very focus of the decoration. “In this case, you can enhance the natural wall, just put a simple support table in front and avoid adding too many decorative items, so that the environment doesn’t get overloaded”, says Camilla.

Yellow wall in the bathroom


And who said that the bathroom can’t also have a splash of vibrant and intense color? In both personal rooms and washrooms, you can bring yellow to the walls in a variety of ways, such as tiles, various tiles, modern coatings or even wallpapers, which are essential to ensure a contemporary and stylish look to the environment.

Yellow wall in the kitchen


Did you know that warm tones like yellow have a powerful reputation for increasing appetite? For this reason, betting on color to innovate in the kitchen is undoubtedly the right decision. Here, Camilla points out once again that the more you work the color yellow on a single wall, the more prominent it will have in the environment. Besides, there’s nothing better than a brighter and more cheerful kitchen, right?

Yellow wall in recreational areas


To make your leisure area a relaxed, functional and cozy environment, perfect for receiving friends and family, the ideal is for it to convey a feeling of life, joy and good energy. Therefore, warm colors like yellow can be your great allies, as they will also help to bring more light, especially on balconies or backyards that receive little natural light.

30 photos of spaces with yellow walls for inspiration

Check out different environments with yellow walls that are super charming and enthralling!

1. Living room with modern decor


In addition to the wall with a stronger shade of yellow – also known as mustard – this living room has a simple and modern decor, combining a comic book with shades of blue, the gray sofa with colorful pillows and a small bookcase for decorative items.

2. Kitchen with stylish wallpaper


A good way to bring yellow to the kitchen without too much work is betting on delicate wallpaper. This one combines color with white, which helps to make the environment more clean, cheerful and bright.

3. Home office space with a splash of vibrant color


For home office environments, where you need energy and focus, nothing beats a vibrant yellow wall. The shelves are the highlight of the decoration and also responsible for giving movement to the space full of personality.

4. Yellow wall with a light point that brings joy to the room


Despite being simple, this small yellow wall makes all the difference in the decoration of this room, as in addition to bringing more color to the neutral environment, it is also a small point of light responsible for bringing joy to the room.

5. Baby room with a beautiful custom wall


The yellow wall is perfect for baby room projects, as in this environment the color works as a neutral tone, which is great for both girls and boys. This project bet on a personalized and super modern crib headboard!

6. Super delicate yellow nursery


This all-yellow children’s room is very delicate and combines the color of the wall with both colorful decor items and furniture in neutral tones, which help not to leave the environment overloaded with information.

7. Bathroom box with yellow tablets


The yellow tiles cover a single wall of the shower stall and combine perfectly with the neutral tones such as white and gray, present in the sink tub, walls and floor, together creating an impactful effect on the look of this bathroom.

8. Custom wall with fun frames


In addition to betting on a bright yellow wall, you can opt for a more daring environment and invest in flashy decorative items, such as these fun, modern and colorful paintings.

9. Sophisticated box with yellow walls and floor


To contrast with the gray and white tones present in the rest of the bathroom, this project joined a box with yellow walls and floors, which make the environment much more beautiful, charming and sophisticated.

10. Super cute and modern wallpaper for baby room


Wallpaper is usually a good option for those who want to enhance any environment without having to do much work. This baby room has only one colored wall and invests in white tones for the rest of the decoration.

11. Baby room with lots of yellow details


For rest environments, especially in baby rooms, the ideal is to use lighter and less vibrant shades of yellow, which help to relax and leave the environment energized. In addition to the walls, the decoration has several items in the same color, such as the crib, the table, the ceiling and details on the sofa and paintings.

12. Different shades of yellow for a delicate room


This is a super delicate children’s room, bright and cozy, as it only has light colors and combines white with different shades of yellow, from the lightest to the most vibrant.

13. Innovative and modern environment with yellow wall


In environments such as the dining room or the living room, the mustard yellow walls are perfect, as they add a modern, innovative and youthful touch to the room. In addition, they look great when paired with furniture in neutral colors and woody tones.

14. Kitchen with Lego wall and yellow floor


How about this young, super modern kitchen that has an amazing yellow Lego wall and a smooth yellow floor? The color makes the environment much more cheerful and doesn’t get tiring, since the kitchen is also made with wooden shelves and white cabinets.

15. Stripped room with yellow wall and accents


The yellow wall highlights the television in front of the bed and makes the room with shades of gray much more charming. In addition, the project also bet on small yellow details, such as the interior of the bedside table, pillows and the frame.

16. Yellow and custom bed headboard


How about a yellow headboard wall that’s totally personalized with your face? You can follow the same steps and decorate with frames, phrases, photos, cards or whatever you prefer.

17. Vibrant yellow walls for a young kitchen


The yellow painted wall draws attention in this room with white furniture such as chairs, table and pendants. However, yellow is also present in two chairs and in the overhead kitchen cabinets, to make the rooms well-lit and cheerful.

18. Brighter kitchen with yellow countertops and cabinets


Super modern, clean and stylish, this kitchen is all lit up due to the combination of yellow and white. Yellow is present on the room divider, sink countertop, wall, side drawers and overhead cabinets in the middle. White is in the upper, lower, ceiling and floor cabinets.

19. Delicate light yellow for women’s bedroom


This is a beautiful, super delicate and feminine room that features light colors like pink, purple and off white and combines them with an amazing yellow wall behind the bed, which serves as a headboard and helps to give the special touch to the room.

20. Super charming and feminine suite with vibrant colors


Super simple and cheerful, this is a very modern and charming room for teenage girls, which has a yellow wall and several colorful pillows. In addition, the rest of the decoration is also very clean and balanced, as it predominates in off white and white tones.

21. Double bedroom with stylish wallpaper


To enhance the master bedroom in your house, bet on an elegant yellowish wallpaper with designs of your choice, which will make the headboard of your bed much more stylish and personalized. In order not to overload the room, use furniture in neutral tones, such as gray.

22. Modern room decor with yellow stripes


If your goal is to draw attention and be daring in the living room decor, be sure to bet on a very flashy, vibrant and modern wall. This is an inspiration for a wall striped with white, another color that helps make the environment much more cheerful and bright.

23. The embossed wall helps to make the environment more charming


The main highlight of this American kitchen is the yellow wall covered in relief, which brings much more color and charm to the room and also puts television in evidence. In addition, the kitchen bets on other yellow items, such as the furniture under the countertop, the pot and the potted plant.

24. Children’s room with 3D yellow coating


To put the reddish niches with decorative objects in evidence, this project bet on an incredible yellow wall with 3D coating and also added other details in the same color, such as the cabinet with drawers and the pillow.

25. The contrast between yellow and black is wonderful


This is another super modern and stylish American kitchen, as it combines the yellow details of the cabinets with the black shelves and countertops. The two colors together make a perfect contrast!

26. A neutral yellow that blends in perfectly with the hardwood floor


This is a beautiful inspiration for a super harmonious loft room, as it has neutral yellow walls and combines the color with other tones such as wood, present on the floor, black, present in details such as the window, staircase, pendants and fan, in addition to the white ceiling, which helps to brighten the room.

27. Yellow and delicate living room


For a delicate living room with a light touch of color, there’s nothing better than light yellow, which combines perfectly with several colors, both vibrant and neutral, and makes the environment much more cozy and pleasant.

28. White details to contrast with the yellow color


Ideal for an entrance hall or even some part of your living room, this is a yellow wall that highlights the white and charming items, such as the mirror, the support furniture and decorative objects, such as candles and vases.

29. Small and charming kitchen with an emphasis on the yellow wall


In addition to bringing more charm, joy and clarity to the environment that predominates in shades of gray, the yellow wall also helps to give a larger impression to the small kitchen. For a special touch, bet on wooden tables and chairs.

30. Yellow niche shelf that makes the dining room more cheerful


How about a super simple, cheerful and charming dining room with white furniture and walls highlighted by a beautiful yellow niche shelf? In it you can store various decorative items, such as vases, books and spices.

The yellow walls are capable of transforming any room in your home in a very simple way, as the color matches the most varied shades, it is super versatile and also capable of awakening in the residents’ the best feelings, such as joy, energy and optimism.


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